Smart Contracts

Blockchain meets gaming

Buy, sell, or trade your CryptoCelebrity Smart Contract like it was a traditional collectible using blockchain technology.  Bitcoin and ether are cryptocurrencies but CryptoCelebrities are actual cryptocollectibles.  Be the only person in the world to own Smart Contracts for well-known personalities such as Angelina Jolie, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Vladimir Putin. The moment you purchase a Smart Contract, it automatically increases up to double in price.

Watch out! When someone else matches the current price, they’ll automatically snatch your Smart Contract. You’ll lose the card but you will receive up to double the amount you originally invested in ETH.

How it works

CryptoCelebrities runs on the same blockchain technology as Ethereum. Just like each individual coin, each personality is linked to one, and only one, Smart Contract Token on the game’s blockchain.

To purchase a Smart Contract: Send Ether to the contract using Metamask. If someone wants to buy one of your current contracts, the buyer has to pay you double the amount of your original purchase.

To get started, simply download the MetaMask Smart Wallet Google extension.  How it works

Value increase is hard coded!

The price of each contract increases with each transaction. When you buy a Smart-Contract, watch out! Anyone can take it away from you by paying double what you paid.

If you buy a contract for 0.02 ETH, another player can snatch it away from you. Once that happens, you’ll automatically receive 0.04 ETH!

Contracts double in price with each transaction until they reach 0.05 ETH.
Price increase:
2x from 0 ETH to 0.05 ETH, 1.2x from 0.05 ETH to 0.5 ETH and 1.15x from 0.5 ETH up.